Tuesday, 10 February 2015

About Me.

Hello Everyone,

Haven't blogged for a while (Couple of years) so apologizes is needed! (Sorry!!)

 So I thought I'd start again on a blog about Me, Myself and I, just a bit of an update I guess..

So.. Where to start?  IN A NUT SHELL..

So I think you all know I went to college a couple of years ago studying hairdressing, well anyway I dropped out of hairdressing, I couldn't stand it!  It was so bitchy all the time and to be honest, I hated perming and our class ended up doing perming everyday so I dropped out, didn't know what the hell I was going to do with my life, but hey!
 Soo, that night, I jobbed searched, stayed up all night to find a job, eventually I found one I was interested in (I've always dreamt of working at Boots in the beauty department, that was my dream job believe it or not!) and I found one, not working in the beauty department but as customer assistant, it was a start I thought, so I applied for it.
Anyway, I went for the interview and it went well, I got the job! YAY
So a few months on I got promoted to a healthcare assistant, not what I wanted at the time but hey hoe! I'd take anything I could get to get a pay rise anyway ;)!!   Ended up loving the job and then shortly after that, I got promoted again to a dispenser which to me is the best job ever.  I love it!

So anyway...

While I was at college there was a boy in my class called Andrew, he was the nicest boy you'd ever meet, caring, funny and I loved him so much (as a friend) to me.. he was just to good to be true and the fact that he did hairdressing and was too nice made me think twice about his sexuality (I know there is some lovely guys out there that are straight and do hairdressing, but to me they didn't exist) so when he told me loved me, I thought he was joking and I started to treat him as my gay best friend, telling him everything. Everything meaning what I did with other boys, to the point where he just burst into tears one night and told me his feelings were real for me, he did love me. Well..
I felt terrible. Horrible. I felt so horrible and bad that I couldn't even talk to him anymore.
However a couple of years came by and a couple of boyfriends later, I realized after I kept thinking about him why don't I just message him? So I did and we got talking and fell in love with each other and now...
Yay I'm pregnant!   

So that's just a little bit of my story. 

Will carry on writing about my pregnancy and me, myself and I. 

Would love to hear your life storys. 

Lots of love 
Little Lauren xx